Jazz&Gigi comics

Gigi believes he's the real protagonist of the strip.
And he's probably right, for he's the one who works more in the pair.
He even works too much, someone may think.
His colour, white with those gray spots, is called "van".
Although Gigi is a quite large cat, this colour doesn't come after the vehicle,
but after the turkish lake of Van.
Actually Gigi sees himself as a very tiny kitten and wouldn't like
to be called a van!
He loves eating tuna, getting in troubles and annoying Jazz.

To see the real Gigi click on his picture.

Jazz is a quiet kind of a cat.
Unluckily Gigi won't just let him be!
Jazz is a brown tabby mackerell cat.
He loves mackerell as well, but chicken is what he really likes.
He's shy and simple. But not always!
After all he's still a cat!

To see the real Jazz click on his picture.

Many years ago the woman had had another cat.
Her name was Tigger.
Now Tigger is a ghost cat and loves to jump in Jazz&Gigi's strips
just to enliven them a bit!
Tigger is elegant and nice an has a lot to teach to those brutes called
Jazz and Gigi.
Even when they don't have a mind to learn!

To see the real Tigger click on her picture.

The Woman and The Man who live with Jazz and Gigi
curiously believe they understand cats.
Fortunately it's not so, particularly when cats make extremely big disasters!
The Woman also believes she's the author of these comics. But she's only
the one who makes the drawings. Jazz and Gigi are the real authors!
There is also a Human Granny, but we will never see her.
We only know that she likes filling cat bowls with food.
That's why cats love her so much!

Nearby Jazz and Gigi's house there live several cats.
Toddler is one of them.
He's cute and lively as only a kitten can be and often goes to
"uncles" Jazz and Gigi's, just to play and get them into troubles.
Toddler is a talented toilet-paper sculptur.

Toddler's youngest sister is a colour point cat.
It means that she looks like a thai cat, but she's not a real one.
Cat is the tiniest kitten in the strips and really seems soft and tender.
But beware those innocent eyes: Cat stands for Cataclysm, her real name.
She loves biting always and everyone, particularly Uncle Gigi's tail.

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